Multi-Site / Multi-Company Module Implementation


(Mitchell Rainsford) #1

Hi All,

The company I work for has created a separate company and we are looking into purchasing the Multi-Company module. They are looking for a labor-estimate/time-estimate on how long this will take, but I have no idea.

Can anyone give me a clue as to how long this may take? What will be involved in making this happen? And if anyone has any pointers they would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance for the help!

(Dan Edwards) #2

Could you help by identifying what features of multi-company you will be using?

Global Records (e.g. customer)
Inter-company POs
AP Automation and/or Central AP
Journals, Consolidation, etc.

(Matt Hellwig) #3

Like Dan pointed out, it all depends on what else you need to configure. The simple process of creating the new company in the Admin Console takes 20 minutes max, but it could take 4-8 hours to copy/paste payment terms, COA, Buyers, etc. when it comes to all of the various supporting tables. Notice, that’s with copy/paste, which assumes you are using the same configuration data as the existing company. If you’re starting from scratch, the sky could be the limit on hours. Then you need the static and dynamic data like parts, on-hand inventory, open AP, etc.
Give us a high-level of what you’re trying to accomplish, and that might render more estimates for you.

(Paul Siebers) #4

Hello All;

I am interested in a follow up on this post as I am looking at doing something similar: changing a multi site company into a multi company setup. Is there documentation or a roadmap on this and all the options available to configure? Any gotchas? Mitchell; any update as to how far you have gotten?



(Saúl Méndez) #5

Does anyone know if there is a way to make a single bill for several shipments even if they come from different sites?

(Bryan DeRuvo) #6


This should be a separate thread.

Try this:
Enable these fields on the customer billing tab:
The Consolidate Sales Orders check box determines how the Get Shipments process creates invoices from sales orders. When selected, this check box indicates this customer can have multiple orders placed together on the same AR invoice. If you clear this check box, however, separate invoices are created for each order placed by this customer.
The Combine Packing Slips check box determines how the Get Shipments process creates invoices from packing slips. When selected, this check box indicates all packing slips created for the same order and fiscal period are billed on a single AR invoice. If you clear this check box, however, each packing slip creates a separate invoice.

From invoice entry, get shipments, all sites.
The application will create the invoices.
Check to see if the shipments were combined into a single invoice.

(Saúl Méndez) #7


I will create another thread for tracking.

Do the example as you mentioned it but this configuration only works if the shipments are from the same site.
it did not work

Thank you