Modified Runtime Styler files don't show in list


(Jeff Greenaway) #1

Hello All,

I modified a theme in Runtime Styler and did a Save As and saved it under a new name in the same folder. However, when I go to load that modified theme, the .isl file does not show in the Open list (see screensnip below). It’s been a while since I did this, so I am probably missing something simple. Any suggestions?



(Dan Edwards) #2

Did you create an entry for them using theme maintenance and import? A restart after this and they will appear as a theme that can be selected in theming

(Jeff Greenaway) #3

This is the point where the files are not in the list; it was when I went to Theme Maintenance, under Actions, Import Theme Styles that my modified .isl files did not show up in the list of files. Only the stock .isl files show and not the two I modified. I have double and triple checked the path.


(Dan Edwards) #4

I have never seen that since you can browse anywhere and even find non .isl files by using . in search