Mobile Field service alternative

(Hugues Aubuchon) #1

Anyone usong an alternative to FSA with Epicor to provide mobile field services, time and expenses, truck inventory management, etc, that can integrate with Epicor ?

Epicor FSA is overkill for our customer.


(Tanner Post) #2

@haubuchon We had to create our own because of the lack of support & flexibility of the old Epicor solution. We use DMT to load the data into Epicor at a set interval.

(Hugues Aubuchon) #3

Thanks for the reply.
The more I search, the more I’m considering this option.
I’d be interested in knowing what functionalities you developed and if there is a match with our needs, could you be interested in selling your code so we can taylor it to our needs ?

(Andrew Fagan) #5

Hughes - curious what you ended up doing here…

(Hugues Aubuchon) #6

Hello Andrew,

Right now, the project is on hold. The customer decided to develop his own solution.

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