Mobile Dashboard throws error

(Gregory Leepart) #1


I have an external query I use for a dashboard. It loads the data no problem.

I have an external BAQ that takes that query and joins it to a few Epicor tables. The Analyze/Test button returns data no problem.

In the dashboard screen, everything is set up and refreshing loads data no problem.

The issue comes when I use the browser to open up the dashboard. It returns errors that are “Invalid Column name”. The interesting thing is these column names are just names of existing columns but with spaces put in them. I added the spaces in a previous version for readability.

It would seem the mobile is still holding onto an old data schema or something. I don’t know how to refresh, clear cache, or whatever is needed to do to fix with without recycling the appserver, which they are currently live in so I don’t want to disturb them during business hours.

Unfortunately, they need this working today so I can’t wait until after hours to recycle.

Anyone come across this before? Thanks in advance.