Miscellaneous Shipment Entry - Ship Via Optional?


(Mike Chernecki) #1

In Miscellaneous Shipment Entry the user is required by default to enter a Ship Via before they can save. Looking at Extended Property Maintenance for MscShpHd table and ShipViaCode field, required is not checked and the description also says it can be blank. We have no customization on Miscellaneous Shipment Entry. Where is this mandatory field being enforced and how can I override it?

(Calvin Krusen) #2

Its a setting on company maintenance (or config - if forget which is in which)

(Mike Chernecki) #3

I originally looked at the company config, I did not see a setting under the shipping tab.

(Calvin Krusen) #4

Yeah, I think I was wrong there. We had this issue and solved, by what I thought was disabling the need for it.

But in reality, we just set one of the Ship Vias as the default. This can be done in a couple of places. The Ship Via Maint. (for the base default),


Country (for overriding the base default, with a country specific one),


Customer (all orders and packers for this cust default ), or Supplier (all POs for this vendor use this as the default )

[ you get the picture ]

(Mike Chernecki) #5

ok, so no way to make this optional vs required, just set a default. Thanks