Microsoft Teams

(Mark Wonsil) #1

@Fatboy40, what is your view on Microsoft Teams? Any others using O365 and Teams?

Mark W.

(Jose C Gomez) #2

@rbucek uses teams I believe…

(Mark Wonsil) #3

As do we. Teams (the app) is replacing Business Skype eventually. It is what Microsoft wants people to be your daily dashboard (not Outlook). It DOES do a pretty good job at aggregating information across all of your projects/files/SharePoint files. But a company needs to evolve a standard so one doesn’t end up with a lot of zombie Teams out there.

I’ve always wanted to see the Epicor Social feed into this. Not all users log into Epicor but EVERYBODY logs into Teams.

Mark W.

(Mike Gross) #4

@Mark_Wonsil - I was out of the office yesterday at a regional EUG meeting and missed all of this Flow and Teams discussion! We just got approval for O365 and have every intention of using it to the max - but we didn’t realize Flow did REST - and I didnt’ realize Teams was to ‘be the focus’.

Once we get a few things established on our end, would you mind if we had a proper chat about O365 with you?

(Mark Wonsil) #5

I’d like to get a group of all O365 users together. E365 anyone?

(Andris Skulte) #6

We’re on O365, and dipping our toes with Teams with our 10.2 Upgrade group. It’s nice, but SOOO frustrating that I can’t export anything. No lists, spreadsheets, etc… Can’t sort the tiles in the view (other than drag and drop, which is super annoying when you need to move tiles up 20 spots). We’ll see, but I figure if anyone can pick it up, it should be the IT savvy folks.

I haven’t found a good workflow yet. We’re still heavy Outlook users.

(Mike Gross) #7

All for it Mark. Looks like enough folks are doing the O365 thing that starting an E365 sub group would be the right thing to do.

We’ve got a dozen reasons to go to O365, and Epicor wasn’t even on the list. We were just waiting to get our hands on it to see what it could do before we got excited. Now we are excited after the few threads this week.

(Bart Elia) #8

MSFT Teams is wonderful. We’ve rolled it out in a few groups. Epicor is a huge Yammer user historically for cross company but Teams is now added for… Team level social.

If you want to experiment with Teams and E10, I’d heavily encourage you to review using Azure AD for identity in E10. It will make transitions between O365 and E10 MUCH easier.


(Mark Wonsil) #9

Absolutely agree @Bart_Elia. We are already Azure AD users but a funny thing happened on the way to start using the Azure AD with our Dedicated Tenant. While it technically works I get the feeling that the Cloud Team is having some practical challenge rolling it out. Not sure why. The first statement is that it had to be all users. Of course, it’s always a good practice to keep an app server outside of SSO for service accounts, Epicor Support, etc. But I don’t think they know how to add two endpoints in a Cloud setup. Just guessing of course.

I hope they figure it out. I asked when it was coming during the 10.2.300 webinar and it was met with a very long pause.

When they figure it out, we’ll be ready to jump in with both feet. It’s the future and we will be adding other services soon (Concur, Salesforce, etc ).

Mark W

(Fatboy40) #10

It’s intended for a Corporate / Enterprise environment, but you can’t even do simple things like hide the Store button in the Windows client, absolutely stupid.

For me very much a “me too” product, that you just know will be replaced by something else when the wind changes at Microsoft.

(Mark Wonsil) #11

I think Microsoft is putting a lot of effort into Teams. I was on the Redmond campus last year and they had Teams banners up everywhere letting the employees know what they should be using. Business Skype is going away in a year or two in favor of Teams.

Unfortunately, Microsoft Marketing has made things as clear as mud. Teams is a Windows application that is the centerpiece of where the user should work. Teams is also an application within O365 which gives you the same ability. Teams is also one of the Modern SharePoint site templates. Finally, a Team is an O365 Security group that contains people, a SharePoint Site, a One Drive folder, an MS Planner, Conversation Channels, and a One Note folder. Underneath, it’s basically all SharePoint. Microsoft has created REST interfaces to all of the underlying services ( and is building these online and mobile apps with it.

As for O365, there is quite a bit more than SharePoint. We’ve heard about Flow (which is like IFTTT), PowerApps (online and mobile app building), Delve (search engine across all of your O365 space), Sway (a webby version of PowerPoint), Stream (YouTube-like service), and the Office apps you already know. What’s different from the old Microsoft, is O365 has connectors into SalesForce, G-Suite, and other competing products. Use what you have or what Microsoft can offer. Up to you.

At some level, I like to think the Epicor vision I saw at Insights is similar to this strategy. An “E365” would be a place where I can use the best GL that Epicor has, with some Point-Of-Sales, and some distribution, and a little Project Management, and whatever else my business needs. Want to use Epicor Social? Go ahead. Rather use Microsoft Yammer. Why not? Build very good single purpose services that link to other services easily. That’s what I’m hoping to see. Could O365/Teams be my Active Desktop? Why not?

Mark W.

(Fatboy40) #12

Putting them right up against Dynamics 365, in a fight they won’t win.

(Dave Dortman) #13

How are people planning to use Teams with Epicor?

(Kelly) #14

Hi Mark,

I cane across your this post. Epicor has announced a new integration platform/partnership with Jitterbit. Are you looking for a GL integration with 365?


Kelly Bernie

Sr. Product Manager - Cloud

Epicor Software Corporation

Cell: 617-901-2308

(Mark Wonsil) #15

No, but if we do. We’ll be sure to call you.

(Charles Dingas) #16

We are starting to use TEAMS at my current company and I have used it before at my old company. I find it very useful but you have to control it or it becomes a nightmare to deal with.

(Mark Wonsil) #17

In order of coolness:

I’m trying to get people out of email and into task management and stop the run and rip report madness. I’d rather use Task Management and let users decide on how/when they want to be notified. So, a BPM would run Microsoft Graph calls to add a task in O365 for certain events (if it’s not already assigned). Also, post conditions into a Chat Channel instead of email.

Display BAQs in a nice way, kinda like EDD.

Use Flow for our QA Vendor process.

Create a Chatbot that allows one to:

How many 100-0101 do I have?

There are 10 units on hand and five on order.


Main Warehouse bin 25.2 has 7.
Main Warehouse bin 27 has 3.

When is the next shipment?

Next shipment due on October 15th, quantity 5.

I think @ewelsh may have already played with the MS Chatbot.

Mark W.

(Rob Bucek) #18

i do enjoy Teams and am looking forward to Dx’ing Skype and merging them. Have they finished federating it yet?

(Rob Bucek) #19

where can i find more info about Azure AD and E10? What version is this compatible with (earliest)?

(Mark Wonsil) #20

I’ve tested Azure AD in an On Prem configuration with 10.2.200. It works great. There is information in the 10.2.200 Help. That’s all we used to set it up. But we’re SaaS users, so we’re not live with it yet. There’s some issues to deal with…