@mhelfrey hijacked a thread that Randy initially hijacked, and Heather and Jose are trying to hijack

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Oh my gosh @josecgomez! I can’t stop laughing!!! :joy: :rofl:

@mhelfrey hijacked a thread that Randy initially hijacked, and Heather and Jose are trying to hijack

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LMAO I didn’t do that bahaha

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Oh! Sorry! LOLRH!!! Well ha-ha whoever did…@Randy? LOL! :stuck_out_tongue:

And this! (Just because it’s hilarious…and a good warning when needed. :thinking:)

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@Mark_Wonsil - Hell freezing over means the Lions will win a playoff game. We need pigs also to fly before they will make it to the SuperBowl.

BTW, I’ve driven through Hell. There ain’t a whole lot there. If I recall, there was one bar.

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In July, there’s a 100-mile bike ride from Chelsea to Hell and back. And yes, there’s not much there. I was told that the Post Office there would singe your letter with the Hell postmark on it if you asked. :man_shrugging:

Mark W.

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meanwhile… in Wisconsin


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It appears to be a tad bit chilly…

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Well I got my car started in case anyone was worried… :worried:

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My relatives in Wausau got a message from the Dept of Natural Resources asking people to get their Shanty off the lake by July 2nd so they can set up for the fireworks…

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That’s sooo cool! (Literally!) My coworker told me he tried that! (We’re in Indiana.) I want to try that and try blowing bubbles tonight too! :slight_smile: That’s what we should have been doing today instead of working! Experiments in these extreme cold temperatures.

That’s not your house with the collapsed roof is it Rob!? Did the snow do that!? Can we start a GoFundMe to raise money for a new roof for you? LOL :wink:

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Aw, I was! I’m so glad you got it started @Banderson! :clap: Now you have no excuse but to make it in to work tomorrow! (Unless you don’t tell anyone…)

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It was stuck at work. :frowning:

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Oh. :tired_face:

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that’s an old barn i tore down this summer that is about to get torched shortly now that we have enough snow on the ground :smile:

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It was so cold here the water main broke down the street. The city posted this today:

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Anyone going to try this!? I Triple Dog Dare You!