MES - Security Question

(Chai Chang) #1

With MES, when in Epicor under Employee Maintenance is it possible to modified the security for let say “Production Worker”? If I assigned a person “Production Worker”, only certain items become available when logging into MES. However, there are some items that we want to disabled/enabled and not be stuck to what’s already pre-defined. I know I can combined, but then it’s giving the employees more than what they need. So need a way to be able to control these roles.

(Chai Chang) #2

I went into Handheld/MES Menu Security Maintenance. Removed permission to “Kanban Receipts” for every role. Assigned myself to “Production Worker” and logged in. I still see “Kanban Receipts”. Is this not the correct spot for permission setting or is there something else I need to do?

(Erik deJonge) #3

You’re looking in the right place but that functionality is something that’s new to 10.2 and isn’t entirely flushed out. We wanted to use it to control access to our custom buttons but it’s just not there yet.

The only way we’ve found to control what the employee has access to is through a customization. There is a table that loads when an employee logs in that controls what options are available. You’ll need to update that table accordingly to get it to populate what you want.

(Chai Chang) #4

Thanks Erik. Been playing here for a few hours to no affect. So will take a look at customization instead.

Do you happen to know which table that is that needs to be updated or a program that can update that table?