MES - Customization and Deployment

(Chai Chang) #1

Being fairly new to Epicor, I am asked to make some minor modification of the MES screen by hiding/moving some fields around. Managed to get into developer mode by adding -MESC to the target section of the icon properties. Once I made my modification, I saved the customized program.

I need to deploy this out and followed the Sub Program Deployment walkthrough, but doesn’t seem to be correct. I also searched and found the steps below but seems to be an older version? I am on Epicor 10.2.

Deployment consists of creating a subprocess menu Id, a Process Calling record, and modifying the default mfg.sys file. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to System Maintenance --> Utilities --> Menu Maintenance
  2. In the Tree View highlight PROCESSES .
  3. Select File --> New --> New Menu
  • Menu ID must be unique and start with “UD”
  • Enter a Description. This will be seen by the user from the Menu
  • Select a security group that fits the people that will be using MES.
  • Provide an order sequence number which positions MES in the menu.
  • Now select “Non Menu Item” from the Program Type dropdown.
  • Select "Epicor.Mfg.Menu.Mes.DLL from the Program Search.
  1. Select your customization from the Customization dropdown.
  2. Save the new Sub Process Menu.
  3. Go to System Maintenance --> Utilities --> Process Calling Maintenance
  4. Select File --> New
  • Called Process Reference is “Epicor.Mfg.Menu.Mes”.
  • Leave Call From blank.
  • Menu Id is the unique Id that you gave to menu in step 2.
  1. Save the new Process Calling record.
  2. Logout of Epicor 9.
  3. Run ConfigEditor.exe which is in your Epicor client folder.
  • Select the configuration file that is used by MES.
  • On the Application sheet scroll down until you find MESCustomMenuID.
  • Enter the unique ID that you gave to the Menu in step2.
  • Click Save and then close the application.
    HINT: Step 9 must be repeated for each client that runs MES and for the server client.

Can someone provide me some link, documents, or tutorial on deploying this out to my users?

MES - Adding Fulfillment Workbench to main menu
(Brandon Anderson) #2

Full disclosure, we aren’t on 10.2 yet so maybe it changed??

That being said, Maybe it would help if you highlighted which of these steps that doesn’t seem to be right? This is the whole process beginning to end, and from what I’ve done in 10.1 it looks about right at first glance.

(Jose C Gomez) #3

Here you go the Epicor Help walks you through most of the process, though what you’ve outlined is accurate.

Like @Banderson said where are you stuck?

(Brandon Anderson) #4

Helpful tip on these links. If you want to get to your version, you can usually change the 10.1.400 or whatever is in the link to the version that you are on, and it will go to the help for that version. Sometimes if might make a difference. In this case it doesn’t, they look the same, but just for future reference.

(Chai Chang) #5

Thank you. That was very helpful with the link and the tip with the version.

When I am in the Menu Maintenance–>Process, I went and add a new Menu item. However, from step 3, it is asking to select the following file, and I cannot find it.

Select "Epicor.Mfg.Menu.Mes.DLL from the Program Search.

(Brandon Anderson) #6

Edit: not what you were asking sorry.

(Jose C Gomez) #7

in E10 it is called

(Chai Chang) #8

Thank you. That was it.

(Chai Chang) #9

So I followed the above. I went and created my Menu Maintenance and now going into Process Calling Maintenance. When I add in the process and calling app entry, I get the error when saving. Any ideas?

So I modified “Start Production Activity”. When I click on that I get the pop-up with “Process Key” and “Calling App”. I entered this information when in “Process Calling Maintenance”. However, I am getting error that “Process Erp.UI.StartProductionActivityEntry has an invalid called from.” Is there a different “Called From” that I should be selecting?

I tried doing the below which allowed me to save. However, it is not displaying my customized program when I log into MES.

(Chris Conn) #10

Try using that called From button to search. It def needs to be MES though (not what you put in the last pic)

(Matt Helfrey) #11

I am having this same issue.

Erp.Menu.Mes is not valid anymore for some reason. This is the value that I had in several Process Calling Maintenance items before and went to add a new customization today and all previous entries were flagged as invalid.


I checked our test environment and the same values exist and the customizations work.


(Matt Helfrey) #12

It seems to work if I leave the “Called From…” field blank.

(Chai Chang) #13


I am still struggling getting my MES to deploy. Which file did you had to change or what are the steps? Can you show me?

(Matt Helfrey) #14

I did not change a file, I simply left the “Called From …” value blank instead of entering Erp.Menu.MES. What issues are you having?

(Chai Chang) #15

I changed the default.sysconfig file.

Input the menu ID here.

Seems to be working for me now after I put the menu ID per the above screenshot. However, even after I cleared the menu ID from that config file, it still showing my MES customization.

(Stefan May) #16

Same problem here. It appears Erp.Menu.Mes is longer valid.
I have an open support call so will update when i get an answer.