Menu Maintenance Customization now showing in list

(Surendra Pal) #1

Hello Experts,

I am currently working with Receipt Entry form customization when I am attaching my newly created customization to Menu it is not showing in the List. I have tried with All Companies checkbox as well but no luck. if anyone came across and got any solutions?.

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(brett manners) #2

I had this the other day. Check that the company for the menu short cut matches the company for the customisation. If the short cut is for a specific company In menu maintenance you can go actions create for this company (or some thing like that) to create a new menu short cut for the current company. Hopefully the customisation shows up then.


(Surendra Pal) #3

Thanks Brett for quick reply. We only have one company in database and I am not creating new menu it not showing in stranded menu Customization list in menu maintenance.

(brett manners) #4

Not at PC right now so I am going of memory…

Check the company setting on the menu short cut and compare that to the company setting on the customisation. I think they need to match (at least that was the problem I had)


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(Calvin Krusen) #5

I’m sure you logged out and then back in - or at least “changed user”.

As we all know that menu changes don’t show until you reload, so I won’t even bother to suggest it. :wink:

(Surendra Pal) #6

Hi Calvin,

Tried same but no luck.

(Calvin Krusen) #7

So the problem is that this dropdown doesn’t contain the customization you’re looking for?


Does anything show up in the Customization Maintenance?
(Sys Mngmnt -> Upgrade/Mass Regen -> Customization Maintenance)

Customizations missing from Menu Maintenance
(Richard Riley) #8

Menu Maintenance is broken for several DLLs where you cannot apply customization - versions 200.8 - 200.11. The issue has been fixed in 200.12 under ERPS-95829 and there is a HotFix available from support.

Some of the Epicor UI DLLs contain references for multiple different Forms. Some of those Forms are internally addressed (not available for adding to a menu) and some can be externally addressed as the Form to load when a menu option is selected. Since the Customizations are keyed by Form name and not DLL reference, Menu Maintenance needs to know which Forms are “Externally” available in order to show the Customizations in the dropdown Combo. A change made in 200.8 was designed to address a problem with displaying the appropriate customizations and while that update corrected the initial reported problem, it caused a new problem for a handful of other DLLs / Forms.