Mass Update via DMT

(Calvin Krusen) #1

Is there a way to use DMT to perform Mass Updates to BOMs - while maintaining UOM relevance?

I know I can update Materials in BOMs via DMT. But that requires me to manage the UOMs.

If I use the “Mass Update/Replace” program, it manages UOMs. For example,

  • P/N AA-1234 has a IUM of GA
  • P/N BB-9876 has a IUM of OZ
  • Both P/N’s have the same UOM, with a conversion of 128 OZ = 1 GA
  • ASY-0001 uses 0.5 GA of AA-1234
  • ASY-0002 uses 32 OZ of AA-1234

I need to mass replace AA-1234 with BB-9876.

Using the Mass Update program allows me to specif the UOM of the new P/N
If I run it with Old PN: AA-1234 as GA, and the new PN: BB-9876 as OZ, I expect the BOMs to end up with:

  • ASY-0001 uses 64 OZ of BB-9876
  • ASY-0002 uses 32 OZ of BB-9876

If I want to use DMT, I have to build all the Conversions