Mass Receipt Default Bin


(Mark Langston) #1

Receipt Entry > Mass Receipt is defaulting all receipts to INSP bin, when we want the default to be RCVD.

Site Configuration and Company Configuration are all set to default receiving bin as RCVD. Maybe it’s just late in the week, but I can’t figure out why it’s defaulting to the INSP bin.

Am I missing a setting somewhere that is forcing all parts to the PUR-INS transaction type?

(Brandon Anderson) #2

I think that setting is on the part class or group.

(Dan Edwards) #3

I would check the inspection on the class but it could be other areas as well such as the Vendor, PO Detail, JobMtl or JobOper.

(Mark Langston) #4

Turns out it is a 10.2.300.4 issue, which will be resolved in 10.2.300.5 at the end of the month. Thought I was losing my mind as all default settings were RCVD. Thanks for pointing me to Part Class so I could confirm with Epicor that none of the classes were set to inspection either.

(Calvin Krusen) #5

Any specific conditions that cause this?

Is there a workaround until 10.2.300.5 comes out?

(Mark Langston) #6

Nothing we did or set up led to this. We just noticed it during out testing (we are pre Go-Live). We are also a SaaS multi-tenant customer.

Epicor response is below:

Manually select the correct Receiving Bin

The problem will be fixed in version 10.2.300.5. The tentative release date for this release is 11/21/2018.