Lot number not creating after job is complete. Epicor Bug?


(Epicor!!) #1


I seem to be having an issues with some parts but only very very few! we have completed a job with this its created a “lot number” but using right click open with lot tracker nothing is displaying as the lot has not been created. (look like a epicor bug (i think)

i have to create the lot manually even tho we i have auto receive checked at the last operation.

(Mark Damen) #2

Late reply, but it might not be the case that the Lot hasn’t actually been created.

The Lot Tracker screen frequently loads empty like this on our 10.1.600.28 system - and has done on every version I’ve worked with since 9.05.700. Long running bug with Epicor on this one, to do with the passing in of values to the form I guess. Some screens/fields it works and loads the record, but most times not and you have to search again for it.

(Chris Conn) #3

@knash is this related at all to what you were working on?