Lot Number Generator


(Alice Elizabeth Smith) #1

Is there something extra I need to do activate the “Lot”/“Next Lot” functionality in Receipt Entry?

I have looked in Company Configuration:

I want to generate a lot number for every receipt line, regardless of whether it is our partNum or not.

(Jason Woods) #2

If it is your part, you need to enable Track Lots on the part, I’m not sure if you can add a Lot to a non-inventory part

(Ernie Lowell) #3

@Jason_Woods is right… if you want to track “lots” on a non-PartMaster part you’ll need to create a customized field and use a UD table. How you define the logic for that will be dependent on your business process, but it’s going to get REALLY messy REALLY fast (since a non-PM part doesn’t have any tracking after this point).