Lot Billing


(Alpha Associates, Inc) #1

Does anyone know if EPICOR does lot billing?

(Chris Conn) #2

Not sure it’s similar to what you are requesting, but it does do Lot Avg Costing (if selected)

(Alpha Associates, Inc) #3

This is on the billing side. We have a customer who wants at price at one line item even though we are selling multiple parts.

(Rye) #4

I don’t think it does. We handle our Lot Billing with a semi-manual process today since it doesn’t happen often here. So if anyone does know that Epicor has the ability to bill by lot (and create a job to manufacture the parts, then ship them as a Lot), I would be interested in hearing how to set it up to do this.

(Chris Conn) #5

Since I am not the ops side, I may not fully understand, but could this be accomplished by adding a UD table to track 'lot billing" and then add customization to either job or shipment to flag it as such (at which point the relevant data would be stored in the UD table, and a lot supplied, or generated)

From there you may still have to manipulate invoicing to pull that data as well.

There would be a lot of maintenance code, but it seems like it could be done assuming I am even in the ball park of what we are discussing

(Rye) #6

What he is looking for is a way to have one charge, say $500, for one Lot of parts. The Lot may be 100 parts or it may be 500 parts. One set price for one Lot of parts (not based on piece price but Lot price). From that, it would need to suggest a job for x number of parts (equal to one Lot).

I could see having a UD field for lot size, if you have a specific lot size. Then you would need coding to create a job based on the number in that UD field to drive demand. From what I know, there is built in that will handle that. It would be a customization.

(Brad Boes) #7

It would be possible to setup a UOM for 1 Lot. If you want receive inventory in eaches you would need to setup a conversion.