Lone Terminal Services user get "Epicor.exe has stopped working"

(Calvin Krusen) #1

Nearly all users access E10 via Terminal Services, and one user is having problems as soon as they login.

Where are all the users cache files stored?
I beleive that are in \c:\ProgramData\Epicor\ as that folder has folders for each userid.

But there are also files with the userid appended to them. Like:


These are in sub folders of:

Okay to delete these too?

(Jose C Gomez) #2

The normal default cache is at C:\ProgramData\Epicor
However if you are using terminal server I recommended that you set the AlternateCache location for the users to be user specific. (this is not the default setting)

This is a property of the sysconfig file (client) possible values and variables are outlined in the administration guide (page 142)

This ensures that each user has their own cache and that one corrupted user doesn’t affect others.