Load / High Concurrent Usage Performance Measurement


(Stephen Ball) #1

We have run the Epicor Performance and Diagnostic Tool ( from the Epicor Administration Console). From what I can see it doesn’t really simulate load or high concurrent usage.

We want to test different environments based on > 40 concurrent users and wondered if there are any other tools out there to simulate load and concurrent usage.

(Dan Edwards) #2

You are correct the PDT does show baseline performance but not under load. You can do some neat things with load testing using the Epicor automated testing tool (ATE) and if you really have a budget, tools like HP Load Runner, etc. work great to load test Epicor. I would recommend a review of ATE and see for yourself how that can provide load generation and use PDT or the trace logs to provide the metrics.

(Stephen Ball) #3

Thanks Dan

(Haso Keric) #4

PDT can do load testing, havent used it. But it can according to a Insights 2017 Session:

Understanding Your Epicor ERP System Capacity Through Load Testing - Insights 2017
John Friend, Sherman Ladd

I saw in a 500 PDT Update Build it included Load Testing Scripts and a special .chm - not sure if that was removed or still exists. Not sure if it was included by mistake or not (May need to reach out to Epicor for clarification).

(Mark Wonsil) #5


Can ATE testing Configurators? It didn’t appear these dynamically created fields had accessibility IDs.

Mark W.

(Dan Edwards) #6

Yes, it can. I attached a small example video of clicking a button within a demo configurator using ATE. Keep in mind this is 10.2 with latest 10.2 ATE release
ATE-Configurator.mp4 (140.7 KB)

One more example outside of designer

ATE-Configurator-Example.mp4 (663.5 KB)

(Haso Keric) #7

You should be able to run PDT (Performance and Diag) tool with -LoadTest and it should reveal the Load Testing.