Let's talk about SSP (server-side printing)


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A programmer goes out to get some dry cleaning that is ready. His wife tells them, “While you’re out, pick up some milk”. He never came home.

My apologies, I misread your earlier comment.

Almost no one in practice has fancy color laser printers and most businesses do not have inkjets (in my experience), so, if someone is one of 99.9999…% of network printer users that do not have a color printer, make sure that the checkbox in front of Color in Printer Maintenance does not have a check in front of it; if there is a checkbox, remove it by any means that one feels most comfortable using whatever terminology makes them the happiest. If you are one of the fortunate few to have access to a color printer, then having Color checked/selected/enabled on the Printer Maintenance record is just fine.

I changed the original article to say if the printer is not a color printer…, it was a typo. My apologies. I really need a full time editor for my work

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Thank’s Nathan. Sorry to have been nit-picky, sometimes there are some checkboxes that have that funky reasoning behind them and I just wanted to double check :slight_smile: Like the Auto-Move checkbox on Resource Group… if Selected it won’t auto-move, if unselected it will auto-move :slight_smile:

No Worries, your article is 10/10 regardless of any typo’s.

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This is a living / breathing document so no worries pointing out happy little accidents :slight_smile: I make lots of them and appreciate anyone trying to improve content for the community.

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