Lesson Learned (Users aren't always dumb)

(Jose C Gomez) #1

So in a typical IT type moment a user complained to me that in Sales Territory Maintenance that Sales Rep List wasn’t sorted properly. They wanted it sorted by Sales Rep Name.

I gasped exasperated, pontificated about the wonderful feature of Epicor which allows you to sort any grid and save that layout, went on about how we’ve had training on this, and hung up.

Got called back “it is still not sorting right”, rolled by eyes, told them to “prove it” and this is what I see…

what kind of other worldly magical sort is that…

Thanks Epicor for making me be a jerk… (more than normal) I eventually did figure out what the issue is, embedded drop-down in the grid shows name, but it sorts on Sales Rep Code… sigh

I’ll go apologize to my user now… grumble


(Joshua Giese) #2

You’re forgiven 80/20. Sort the data view by whatever you want :heartpulse:

private EpiDataView edvPartView;
public void InitializeCustomCode()
    this.edvPartView = ((EpiDataView)(this.oTrans.EpiDataViews["PartView"]));
    this.edvPartView.dataView.Sort = "PartNum ASC";
public void DestroyCustomCode()
    this.edvPartView = null;

(Tim Shoemaker) #3

Just guessing, but it is probably sorting by the salesperson ID, even though it is displaying the salesperson name… but I am just guessing.

(Simon Hall) #4

I remember the User Account Security Tree in E9 used to do something funky like that. I’ve now stuck that tip in the toolbox @jgiese.wci Thanks.

(Jose C Gomez) #5

Correct @timshuwy that is what it was. There’s a dropdown in the grid so it looks like the name but its really the sales rep code.