Job Tracker - Job Details > Assemblies > Costs

(Juan Salas) #1


I need to write a BAQ for one of our users and he wants some of the information displayed in the Job Tracker - Job Details > Assemblies > Costs > Assembly Totals. He wants the values in the Actual Total and Material Detail columns for the Material, Labor, and Burden rows.
I tried finding this information in a our database but, no success. I also tried finding a view with the name shown in the EpiBinding for those boxes and no success either.

Any ideas where I can find this information?

Thank you.

(Matt Helfrey) #2

These values are found in the JobAsmbl table.

(Alexandre Pothier) #3

If you need the job totals, you need to retrieve the job assembly sequence 0 record (jobAsmbl.assemblyseq = 0). Then, you need to cumulate fields starting with TLA (TLA aka This Level Assembly): TLALaborCost, TLAMaterialCost, TLABurdenCost, etc. You also need to add fields starting with LLA (LLA aka Lower Level Assemblies): LLALaborCost, LLAMaterialCost, etc.

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Thanks a lot.

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Thanks a lot.