Issues Creating BAQ Row Totals for Summary


(Nicole Bishop) #1

Looking for some documentation or help regarding how to create a row that has TotalPrice totals.

I’m trying to duplicate a BAQ/Dashboard that was created in Vantage 8, we are now going to Epicor 10. The BAQ I’m creating is grouped by Packing Slip, but I’m wanting it to show TotalPrice Sum at the bottom of the grouping and on the summary.

Wasn’t sure where to look for information on this.

Please see attached

(Nicole Bishop) #2

This is what I’ve got currently for the new BAQ.

(Chris Conn) #3

In the dashboard you should be able set that up on the grid and save the layout.

Click the SUM icon in the column you want

(Nicole Bishop) #4

Thank you!! I’m new to Epicor so I had no idea what button or query I needed for this. I appreciate your help!

(Chris Conn) #5

We’ve all been there before :stuck_out_tongue: