Is it possible to auto-generate warehouse bins?


(Mark Rowley) #1

epicor version 9.05.701

Is it possible to auto-generate warehouse bins?

(Jose C Gomez) #2

Can you throw a little more info our way? Anything is possible with Enough elbow grease
BPMs, Customization etc can probably do this for you, only thing is once a bin is used you can’t delete it (I think) so this seems like a bad idea.

(Brandon Anderson) #3

in E-10 there is a Bin Setup wizard that helps you mass create bins. Does that exist in E9? Is that the kind of thing you are looking for?

(Mark Rowley) #4

Hi Jose and Brandon,

Firstly, apologies for the lack of data on this one…
Below is the full request i received…
Secondly - yes there is a bin setup wizard facility in E9.

Hi Guys
I am entering a bunch of parts into Epicor at the moment and had an idea.
We have a part number generation system which drives all the component part numbers we use going into the future.


Would it be possible to auto populate warehouses with the next 2000-10000 bins?

For every part I create (R&D),
I create and RnD warehouse Bin and a Main Warehouse Bin.
Machine Shop then create an “H9” variant and often an “R” variant.
Then the QA warehouse creates a bin for inspection
Stores eventually create an obsolete bin
HXXXX and WXXXX need to be in Main, RnD and Obsolete
H9XXXX and RXXXX need to be in Metal Stores only
TXXX and ZXXX need to exist in Consumables only

The only information we put in a bin is the number and description, and the description matches the number.

(Brandon Anderson) #5

So they want every part number to have it’s own bin? That sounds like a bad idea, but ok.

If they have them set up on order (like it sounds like it does), the E10 version allows you to create a mask type schemes for making the bin numbers. You should be able to put in those factors and make the series of bins that they are asking for.

Again, this is assuming E9 and E10 versions of the tool works the same way. If it doesn’t, I’m sorry, I don’t have any E9 experience.

(Mark Rowley) #6

Hi Brandon
Can you tell me where you create a mask type scheme and i’ll see if that functionality exists in E9.
Thank you.

(Brandon Anderson) #7

Start hitting new, and it gives you rows. Then you set your segments, divider, number, or letter. Then hit generate.

Then you go to the commit screen and set the rest of the settings and commit them.

(Brandon Anderson) #8

But really, your answer should just be “no”. A bin for every part is really not a good idea.

(Jose C Gomez) #9

I’ll have to second this, Bins are meant (for the most part) to represent real world locations. Do you guys create an individual cubby for each part?

What’s the purpose of this? #Curious

(Mark Rowley) #10

I agree with both you and Brandon, its an age old way of doing it and it seems to have been continued. We tend to use the warehouse more as the location.

(Brandon Anderson) #11

Seems like the perfect opportunity to say “It can’t be done, sorry, Maybe we should look at changing it?” :smiling_imp:

(Mark Rowley) #12

i’ll certainly raise the concern.
Thank you to you both.

(Brandon Anderson) #13

Let me know if that feature works that way in E9. I’m curious.

(Mark Rowley) #14

Just tried in TEST, it worked first time.