Inventory WIP part description

(Mike McWilliams) #1

Trying to add the part description to the report. It shows in the Recon fields, but is blank no matter what I try or where I try to put it.

Anyone successfully get the part description for each line on the report?

(Jason Woods) #2

Your Report Data Definition may not be correctly joined. Do you have access to SQL and can see if the Part table is being populated?

(Mike McWilliams) #3

It shows as part of the standard report dataset, but you are correct looking at the report database the field is blank there also only some are populated.

(Calvin Krusen) #4

Check the join types you added in RDD. The wording is odd. One of them (“definition” I think) is for inner joins, and the other (Its name escapes me) is for outer joins.

And not every “part” in the WIP/Recon report is also in the Part table. Items like Make To Order, Buy to Order and Buy to Job may not have entries in the part table

(Mike McWilliams) #5

I found that running in sort order of Part/Account populates the description in the dataset, but not the default sort.

(Calvin Krusen) #6

The sort method is often implemented in the report by having multiple tablix, one for each sort method. The sort method is passed as a parameter and used to hide the non-relevant tablixes (or is it tablii? )
So make sure you add the part desc field to each tablix.