Invalid Path Error when retrieving attachements in Order Entry

(William) #1

Keep gettin gthis error when retrieving the file from Order Entry. It is only on this file, not anythign else.

Invalid path \server01\Epicor Attachments\DOC\VT\OrderHed#PURCHASE ORDER 561367…SO# 360376!!.msg

Note, not a big fan of how they named this one.

(Aaron Moreng) #2

Is it just that one file?
Can you find that file on the server with that path?

(William) #3

Yes, I have found it and it opens fine. But not from within Epicor.

(Aaron Moreng) #4

Do the other attachments have a similar path?
Do they start with

"\\" or "\"

(victor ramirez) #5

Jumping on on this since i am getting this error as well but in my case its with any attachment i try to use.

(William) #6


(Simon Hall) #7

Was the order created with Get qoute and then the file attached? If so look really close at the order number related to the attachment. I recall in E9, when users added attachment immediately after getting a quote, the next time they opened the order form and checked the attachment, it would go missing. So maybe not exactly the same as you issue, but thought I’d mention it.

(Olga Klimova) #8

I think the reason maybe two consequent dots in the file name