Introduce yourself!

(Alejandro Cortes) #61

A fellow Mexican! Paisano!

(Haso Keric) #62

If you are new to the forum, welcome. Introduce yourself :slight_smile:

(Andy Wilson) #63

Andy Wilson

Geographic location
Derby United Kingom

Company you work for and what they do
GHA Solutions, Epicor Partner (VAR)

What you do at your company
Ops Director , so, consulting, pre sales, business improvements, project recovery, Epicor automation

Specialty :
We specialise in automating bits of Epicor, to make life easier, for example:
Misc PO Receipting - Receipting ‘Other’ type purchase orders via a dashboard
Simple Stock Take - Stocking by bin rather than part number
Sub Con Out - show and edit a bill of materials on a PO, spin a MTS job up in the back ground, receipt into stock (currently in WIP)
Sub Con In - allows you to purchase parts through a subcontractor simply and easily(Currently in WIP)
Master Calendar - Allows update of selected calendars with non working days from one calendar (currently in design)

Epicor Version
we have worked on them all since vantage 8

What technical level you are with regards to Epicor.
Been working with Epicor since 2009,

Anything else you might think is interesting.
Just built our own VW T5 Campervan

(Justin Powell) #64

Justin Powell

Geographic location
Michigan, USA

Company you work for and what they do
Caster Concepts Inc. We own several businesses ranging from Marketing and Sales, Engineering Consulting and, of course, manufacturing Caster wheels. (and some other industrial products)

What you do at your company
IT Support and Production Admin.

Epicor Version

What technical level you are with regards to Epicor.
Epic Noob. I’m learning this program from the ground up. That’s why I’m here. To learn from the best.

(Jane Ho) #65

Hi All,

I am a newbie here so I guess I would start here :slight_smile:

  1. Name - Jane Ho
  2. Geographic location - Perth, Australia
  3. I work for a local Epicor partner, Precise Business Solution. We implement Epicor not only in Australia, but also in Europe. Our company also develop products like ARM (Advance Requisition Management) and POS (Point of Sale).
  4. I am a Senior System Consultant, in the Solution Delivery department. I work on implementation projects, solution design, and sometimes a little bit of Project Management (though I am trying hard to stay away from that). I am been doing Epicor implementation for over 10 years now… Time flies
  5. Epicor 9, Epicor 10, Epicor SLS, ARM, POS
  6. I am a functional consultant and fortunate enough that I get dedicated technical consultants to help me with implementation. I am a cross functional consultant, I am experienced in Finance, Manufacturing, Distribution, CRM and SLS. I have done about 14 Epicor implementations so far…

I will keep checking this forum, I feel that there is so much to learn/explore in Epicor…


(Chris Conn) #66

Welcome to the fold!

(Dan Flood) #67

OK, Well I’m Dan, Lindsay, Ontario, Canada. I’ve been with a medical device manufacturer called CardioMed for almost three years. Before that I was IT for food manufacturing. Food/Medical manufacturing share some obvious properties :slight_smile: If I am not at work I am building arcade stuff… I always dreamed of having an arcade, but didn’t realize I could just build one.

so currently trying to figure out how to woodwork a cabinet that looks real and then wiring up the guts… the programming part isn’t the issue for me, it’s the wood working… happy to swap tips with fellow Epicor geeks! :slight_smile:

(Zoher Ali) #68

Hello Everyone,
My name is Zoher Ali, I live in Dubai and working with Index Infotech, a certified Epicor Partner Company. Our company implements and provide support for Epicor.

I am working as a Technical Consultant (bcoz I like to code C# :stuck_out_tongue:).
So far I have worked on an Implementation project, several support projects and an Upgrade Project (E9 to E10).
Due to which I have hands-on with SSRS as well as Crystal. But personally, I love to work on SSRS than Crystal :grin:
It’s been more than a year on this forum, it is always helping me here and there.
Thank you all for sharing your knowledge.
Peace :slight_smile:

(Al) #69

Hi everyone,
just noticed this post :sweat:, so sorry

My Name: Ali Ba-Eisa,
Geographic Location: Liverpool, UK
Company: Beverston Engineering Ltd, precision manufacturing, simply making metal parts with (+/- 0.01mm tolerances), for Aerospace companies using CNC machines.
My Job: Graduated as Industrial Engineer, i work as an ERP System Engineer now
Epicor Version: started in Vista, Epicor 9, now: Epicor 10.1.400.20
Used Epicor in: Sales/Purchasing, Manufacturing, and Quality…Not in finance yet.
Additional Modules: Service Connect, but not within my developing scope
My level: i am quoting from @Banderson
" I know a lot of the tools pretty well, (baq, dashboard, intermediate to advanced BPMs etc. Customizations) I’m learning some coding with help from people on this site so not super technical, but know enough to be dangerous":slight_smile:

3rd Party App: just started Industry 4.0 aiming to link Mazatrol Smooth X/AX to Epicor using REST.

(K White) #70

Kimberley White

Geographic location
Clemmons, NC (other locations nationwide and International)

Company you work for and what they do
Triumph Group (Triumph Actuation Systems, Clemmons)
We make hydraulic lifts and pumps for airlines and military

What you do at your company
ERP Admin - I am pretty much it and do it all. My boss can do it too but she is too busy.

What version of Epicor you are on (put that in your profile too, it helps!)
Currently 10.2.300.5 (we went live 12/1/18)
Previous versions: started on Vantage 6 jumped to Epicor 9

What technical level you are with regards to Epicor.
I would say intermediate, fairly strong in functionality, BAQs, basic SSRS, BPMs. I am not a programmer by trade so that is all self taught and still weak in that area. I can read most of it just can’t write it.