Introduce yourself!

(Alejandro Cortes) #61

A fellow Mexican! Paisano!

(Haso Keric) #62

If you are new to the forum, welcome. Introduce yourself :slight_smile:

(Andy Wilson) #63

Andy Wilson

Geographic location
Derby United Kingom

Company you work for and what they do
GHA Solutions, Epicor Partner (VAR)

What you do at your company
Ops Director , so, consulting, pre sales, business improvements, project recovery, Epicor automation

Specialty :
We specialise in automating bits of Epicor, to make life easier, for example:
Misc PO Receipting - Receipting ‘Other’ type purchase orders via a dashboard
Simple Stock Take - Stocking by bin rather than part number
Sub Con Out - show and edit a bill of materials on a PO, spin a MTS job up in the back ground, receipt into stock (currently in WIP)
Sub Con In - allows you to purchase parts through a subcontractor simply and easily(Currently in WIP)
Master Calendar - Allows update of selected calendars with non working days from one calendar (currently in design)

Epicor Version
we have worked on them all since vantage 8

What technical level you are with regards to Epicor.
Been working with Epicor since 2009,

Anything else you might think is interesting.
Just built our own VW T5 Campervan