Integrate source control into all Epicor Customizations

(Mark Wonsil) #1

Expand Solution Manager to work with Source Control Systems. This would allow users to see what was changed from the vanilla code as well as help with upgrades being able to merge changes into new releases faster. A popular request is knowing what solutions have been installed into a system. With the addition of Kinetic, there will need to be a way to track web-based UI customizations too. This also might give users the ability to use automated tools for installation giving some audit control over Super-Users installing things “on-the-fly” without any review.

Improve Logging
(Mark Wonsil) #2

With the advent of Github Actions, I see a clearer path for users to save their customizations/configurators/electronic interfaces/etc. to github and have a process install them into a particular environment.

This would be a huge improvement for the Epicor Cloud Team since they could automate the install.

It would also improve SOX compliance since you could take away Security Manager from your devs and improve the review process for changes.