Inspection Processing - Disallow Save If No Inspection Done

(Chai Chang) #1

Thought I ask and get some insight before I spend too much time and may not work.

In Inspection Processing Entry, it seems that users can just enter the “Passed Qty” or “Failed Qty” and able to save without really doing the inspection. We want to force inspectors to actually do the inspection plan with “Pass/Failed” before they can save


Had someone already done this and can suggest some insights? I’m still new to Epicor (middle of implementation), and would like to know if this is feasible via BPM or some kind of customization? With playing around, I noticed that the table “InspResults” the record gets created if in “Inspection Results Entry” screen the “Generate Test Set” button is clicked. Then if the results is entered, the field “TestDataEntered” is true, otherwise false. Possible to pull the “InspResults” table via BPM and see if there are any records that have “TestDataEntered” to allow save of inspection plan, otherwise, disallow?



(Matt Spotts) #2

Yes you would create a method directive on the update of the table. To find out the table go into a test environment, start the trace log and create an inspection record and then check the log. The method directive would be a preprocessing start link to a condition with a BAQ for inspection results if number of rows is > 0. on the false side attach a raise exception. Fill in the template and then test it. I am not sure how familiar you are with the BPMs so let me know if I made any sense. I do things similar to this all the time just never did it on this specific table.

(Chai Chang) #3

Thank you MattSpotts. I had done a few BPMs, and still learning. Thanks to this site with the wealth of information people are willing to share, I am slowly learning.

Will attempt at a BPM and post if I get stuck.