Inspection Process Entry

(Clifton) #1

When trying to receive in from an OSP, this is the erroe message. The only UOM is each except the material which is in INCHs but that is now material is entered into our system, in inches and we add as much as we need per a job. Any ideas?

(Greg Payne) #2

look at the po, part on the uom tab, supplier price list. If related to a job, look at the complete material list and the assembly or sub-assembly it is supplying.

(Clifton) #3

Check all that. We even converted the UOM of the bar stock to full from inches and it is still showing the error. The only thing showing is each. Nothing listed in the Supplier Price list as UOMs. All blank.

(Greg Payne) #4

Did you look in the flight data recorder?

(Dave Moon) #5

That message means that the UOM class assigned in Part Entry is Count and that the UOM of Inch is not in the Count UOM Class.
UOMs can only be converted within a UOM Class - Each to Dozen for is typically within the UOM Class of Count, but Inch is typically in Count Class of length, hence system cant convert between the UOMs.

(Prakash6738) #6

I think here need to assign a custom UOM Class of type “Other”, which consist EA and INCH conversions.

(Clifton) #7

Let me visit all these responses today. Thank you and I will report back.