Insights Extended Education Classes


(Dave Dortman) #1

Who has attended Insights Extended Education Classes? Was it worth the extra time and $$$?

(Aaron Willett) #2

I have and tried to do so every year.
It’s 4 hours of in-depth training in those areas with access to the instructors for questions.
In my opinion, it’s invaluable.

(Heather Marie) #3

As long as the classes are taught by Subject Matter Experts the EE Classes are well worth the extra time and money!!! I wish they were offered more than once a year so we can get more of them in for when there are scheduling conflicts during Insights.

(Mike Gross) #4

Agree with Aaron, I do the same. However, go in with the understanding that they are usually very focused and guided/scripted tours of the functionality. When the course description says you’ll be able to create something, it means you will but you may not understand anything related to it.

The instructors are educators usually, not technical resources - but those technical folks are typically in the rooms with you and do really help a lot. There generally isn’t time for any exploratory or specific-to-you discussions with instructor or whole group, but you can do this with the technical resources and/or they will point you to the right person (and maybe they are at the conference).

(Mark Wonsil) #5

And occasionally online.

(Brandon Anderson) #6

I’ve gone the past 2 years and have done all four classes both times. I think it was worth it, except for one class. (see details below). So of the 8 that I have taken, I thing that 7 were worth it. I’m signed up for 4 more this year. I would stick with the technical/Epicor specific ones. If you want to know about the class I didn’t like, you can expand below. :wink:

critical review, you were warned!

“Creating high performance to achieve breakthrough financial, service and growth performance”.
I don’t mean to offend anyone on the education side, but during the class he was literally reading to us like 3 year olds from slides that he stole from his college MBA class. Very little if any application was talked about that would help my in my business life. Needless to say, I didn’t come back after the break…

(Heather Marie) #7

That’s exactly why I say as long as Subject Matter Experts teach the courses. I ran into a few of those last year too. It wasn’t always that way and I hope it doesn’t continue going that direction either. I really NEED the experts to teach the class. I can read an instruction manual myself…mostly. :wink:

Though I always get something out of every course that I’ve taken and I appreciate that they offer these classes at all! :slight_smile:

(Brandon Anderson) #8

Yes, and if you do sign up, please don’t hijack the class with super specific to only you discussion. The rest of the class will appreciate it.

But, you can make appointments with some of the technical people to have those discussions. I had a meeting with one of the Epicor staff to talk about projects and how they would apply for my business. So don’t be afraid to grab the staff and see if you can get some one on one time if you need it.

(Dave Dortman) #9

Thanks all. The two I am looking at are:

Use Epicor XL Connect 7 to Get More Out of Your BAQs and Other Datasources
Leverage Epicor Data Discovery to Analyze Your Business

We just purchased XL Connect for 2019, new tool for us! Our executives really want to push the dashboards this year for quick analysis, so I really want to become an expert with EDD.

(Mike Lowe) #10

I have several times. Definitely worth the investment in time and money.

(Matthew Moreno) #11

Dave -

I have taken these classes each year for the last three Insights conferences and they have been very beneficial. They do an in-depth focus on one particular area of the application. An added bonus is being able to network with key personnel related to the module / function being taught and following up later with additional questions. I have found them to be very responsive after the fact.

(Tim Shoemaker) #12

Speaking from the “Epicor” side of the platform… the last few years, I have either assisted, or have presented during the extended education classes… Each one is fairly scripted, but that is so we can get material in front of the students that can be completed. Our goal is to truly show you something, but also for you to have something to take home, and try again.
I work with you, the customer every day… but most of my learning comes when I am able to sneak into one of these Extended Ed classes as an “extra” helper.
Some of the instructors are from the education group… some are Technical (developers)… some are program managers for the module being educated on. But in all cases that I have seen, there are experts in the room that can answer your questions.