Insights Extended Ed courses

(Bart Elia) #1

They posted the courses…

Barring family tragedies, I’ll see a bunch of you folks in REST, C# and SQL courses for the weekend. I’ll be leading the REST Course again and you all want to make it the highest rated class, right? :wink:

(David Penn) #2

I attended insights and thought you mentioned a project or sample code to compare REST and BO calls that are on this site but I cant seem to find them.

(Bart Elia) #3

I still need to circle around and expand upon it but there are a lot of folks working on docs and training around REST now as part of other efforts. Coming Soon ™

(David Penn) #4

Thanks for the link. I have another quick question. I know that the REST services for 10.1.500 are beta, but I can’t get any of the patch or posts calls to work in updating a record. I have tried SalesOrderSvc to create an order and I also tried to update “Address1” field with no luck. I also tried the customersvc to update a customer record all from the api help screens. Am I missing something?

(Chris Conn) #5

Are you getting any specific errors. Most BO’s have a slew of req’d fields, failure to supply them can bomb things.

(David Penn) #6

Im getting the standard 500 error code.

(Jose C Gomez) #7

You need to turn on custom error on your web.config so you can see the actual errors. Also Delete by ID (for the longest time threw an exception even when it was successful not sure if they’ve “fixed” that)

(David Penn) #8

Thanks for the help. I was missing the single quote for the string. Delete and update are working now.

(Bart Elia) #9

There are a collection of examples in a Postman collection on @bconner 's GitHub:

The few dozens exercise a few different aspects. Make sure you look at the REST guide in the help system too.