Insights 2019

(Haso Keric) #42

Tell us more…

(Jose C Gomez) #43

Can’t… #NDA #Settlement

(Haso Keric) #44

@Chris_Conn What happened? Heard your room was reported for running a Chainsaw all night? #SnoreLikeTheresNoTomorrow

(Haso Keric) #45

Can’t Complain Atleast I Won this Battle! Mainly the #SQLToolbeltEssentials I am excited for! Finally SQL Studio doesn’t suck anymore!

(Mike Gross) #46

@hasokeric - sorry you cant’ make it, was looking forward to meeting you as well.
And kudos on the Redgate win - Love that Redgate toolset.

@knash - Bourbon brother! You and me brother :wink: We’ll have the largest tab for that top-shelf goodness.

(Brandon Anderson) #47

Hey, for all of you that are going to be at insights (and I count 37 so far!) head of over to the meet and greet thread and let us know if you are coming or not. @knash needs a count to start making plans!!

(Nathan your friendly neighborhood Support Engineer) #48


As of last Friday, there are still a few seats remaining (we’re 80% filled right now) in the extended education course I’m leading titled “Troubleshooting Techniques for ERP System Administrators”. I’ve been working on this session for the better part of six weeks (hence my inactivity here :frowning: )so if you are in a position of having to support your end-users with an on-premise deployment OR a cloud-based deployment of ERP and you feel that you could benefit from a four hour bootcamp on how to do so, come join me :slight_smile: Those that attend can expect it to jam-packed with information with how to triage Epicor ERP issues and how you can learn to be more effective and efficient in the process. Plus, I got pre-approval from @Staci_Stahr_Cummings that there can be a tasteful/appropriate number of rubber duck images throughout if you needed more convincing so come see how I am going to do that!

Also, a reminder that one of our very own site admins (@josecgomez) is presenting “Working with Epicor Data Using the Epicor REST API”–there are just a handful of open seats left to that Extended Education class as well, and you absolutely do not want to miss out if you are looking into (or are already) utilizing REST into your business processes. Even if you think you know enough about the topic or consider yourself an expert, I have never left a session he has been involved with where I didn’t learn something new that made my day job easier/better.


Now back to working on my Insights presentation :slight_smile:

Time and Expense Entry via REST API or some other (externally)
(Staci Stahr Cummings) #49

These are going to be great sessions!!! Come check out @aidacra Nathan’s sessions and put in your bet on the number of rubber duckies you’ll see!

(Bart Elia) #50

And I’ll be lab rat (e.g. Heckling) in both Nathan and Jose’s sessions.

(Nathan your friendly neighborhood Support Engineer) #51

the stakes are that much higher now :face_with_raised_eyebrow: My objective is to have everyone learn at least one thing new in any session/presentation I give (even the happy helpers), but you’re one of my go-to know it alls when I’m stumped! (I mean that in the good sense).

Game on I guess :slight_smile:

(Rob Bucek) #52

You know how learning challenged I am…I might sign up just to see you sweat :grin:

(Simon Hall) #53


It’s just not fair! I’m going to miss it all.

Lobbying heavily for next year though!

@Staci_Stahr_Cummings is 2020 going to be somewhere other than Vegas? Do we have any advance content/Agenda of Insights Australia?

(Staci Stahr Cummings) #54

Most likely will not be Vegas (we usually flip flop sides of the US), but we haven’t been notified where yet. Insights Australia agenda planning hasn’t started yet (we gotta get through this one first :slight_smile: )

(Jose C Gomez) #55

Bring it back to Orlando! Universal was AWESOME!

(Randy Stulce) #56

I pointed the class out to our new IT Manger of our Mexico plant.

^- This

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You can review the offered Classes at