Insights 2019

(Brandon Anderson) #21

I’m a nobody, so my opinion doesn’t really matter, but I would think Monday night would be the soonest you could do it. Not everybody is going to be there for the extended ed. In Nashville we kept Tuesday open for the on-site meet, but I don’t know if that matters in Vegas? Are there fiery moats around we can’t cross like there was in Nashville? Lol.

(Jose C Gomez) #22

nah everything is open and wide.

(Randy Stulce) #24

I checked their reservations online, Sunday night we can get in easy with a big group of 20 but nothing for Monday or Tuesday night for that big a group. Table for 8 is available.

(Aaron Willett) #25

I won’t be around Sunday night; I would prefer Monday or Tuesday.
Maybe we should find another location.
Vic mentioned Margaritaville?

(Rob Bucek) #26

that place is big, though I’d just count on drinks at a place like that. The food is awful.

(Ken Nash) #27

I am flying in Friday… Gotta enjoy Vegas as once Insights starts focus changes :wink:

(Brandon Anderson) #28

I’ll be getting there Friday too.

(Brandon Anderson) #29

What about this place? It’s in the hard rock. Has anyone been there? It looks like they host groups, although the private rooms is 10 or 100 or 140, so we are kind of in the middle of that. Does anyone have a guess on how many we think we will have?

(Aaron Willett) #30

Based on the poll, around 25 +/- 5.

(Ken Nash) #31

I think as in the past we just need someone to take the lead and make a reservation.

I can do this, unless someone else really want to do it.

Monday night will be the official dinner then? 8:00?? 35-40 folks.

I will put together a few lists of place off the strip, just then we will be ubering or walking. Weather should be perfect, so I am up for walking, but know I might be in the minority there.

I am a beer bourbon guy so the place I will pick will cater to me.

Food wise will be a bit more expensive vs Nashville. I will look at a menus with $20-$30 options. Drinks well that is up to the drinker…

(Brandon Anderson) #32

nope, Tuesday.

(Jose C Gomez) #33

Ding ding ding we have a winner. @knash head over to the official post to organize etc. Let us know if you need any help from us.

Thanks bud!

(Haso Keric) #34

I will not be going… Looks like a Go-Live is scheduled in that period. Unfortunately :frowning: Thats all I can say. Bummed, no comment.

Now stop making me jelous, you all having fun while me and @Chris_Conn go eat at Subway and we wont get to listen to Flo Rida.

(Brandon Anderson) #35

Don’t you have it all automated? Or can do it remotely? They probably won’t even miss you.

(Haso Keric) #36

Nah, I am sure its more political decision than that. Budget, This That… But their official reason was “Go-Live” whatever, I spent 2yrs arguing that battle. They arent just sending me, they arent sending anyone including the Fresh Blood that is learning Epicor and causing Technical Debt left and right.

When it comes to IT, the Department is the Black Sheep :slight_smile: Unless your Engineering / Sales, you was somewhat low-priority.

(Brandon Anderson) #37

Just come to Vegas for a long weekend and hang out? You and @Chris_Conn can bunk together and go home Wednesday morning!

I bet you could have presented a couple of things and gotten your admission comped… (just thinking about next year)

(Jose C Gomez) #38

Been there, done that…

(Rob Bucek) #39

bummer, i wanted to meet you.

(Haso Keric) #40

Yeah I didnt know about this… Jose told me recently.

(Haso Keric) #41

1277 Nature Trail Dr, Grand Rapids, MI – I am waiting, I got extra room :slight_smile: