Insights 2018 Lodging

(Chris Conn) #1

Hi all. I just wanted to offer this up in case it is beneficial.

If you have a large party, this rental is available. It’s gorgeous, and about 10miles from the Orpyland.

I may be able to get you a discount on it.

(Monty Wilson) #2

As far as a room on-site, if you call the hotel/resort they will tell you they’re out of rooms but Expedia has 4 left as of this afternoon.

(Simon Hall) #3

Good to remember for next year. I did Air BnB last year and whilst fairly spartan accommodation compared to the luxury of living 5 steps from the Irish Pub it was 4 times cheaper per night.

That being said If I had to pay the full price. I would have it was well worth the experience.