Improved BAQ organization: Tags, Sort by CreateDate, LastModifiedDate


(Brad Fraser) #1

Currently I am in BAQ’s daily. Though I have a preloaded search to filter by my username, it would be great to be able to tag BAQ’s. These tags would be user defined and could have many tags to one BAQ. Ideally populated by predictive search to avoid similar tags being duplicated rather than reused.

The ability to sort by last modified and by created by date/time would be super useful as well.

(Kevin Albee) #2

I’m not sure about Epicor 10, but I actually created a Data Directive in Epicor 9 to track the query creation date. Here’s the settings I used for my directive:

Table: Exports
Directive Location: In-Transaction
Condition: The Exports.Date01 field of the added row is equal to the ttExports.Date05 expression. (We don’t use Exports.Date05, so this is just making sure that the date field is currently empty in the added row)
Actions: Set the Exports.Date01 field of the added row to the Today expression.

From that directive, you can create a quick search based on the new field to search by query creation date.

(Mark Wonsil) #3

Hey Brad,

Have you used the tagging feature built-into Epicor? Tags are free-form and not from a table but the search is quite good. There are My Tags and Shared Tags.


Then you can search by tag:

Tagging works on pretty much every form on the main key for that form (part, order number, Invoice, project, customer, supplier, etc.) It’s not exactly what you’re looking for but it’s a wildly under-utilized feature of Epicor.

Mark W.

(Brad Fraser) #4

Thanks Mark. I’ll definitely give that a try.

(Mark Wonsil) #5

I forgot to mention that you can set/clear Data Tags from BPMs as well.

Mark W.

(Brad Fraser) #6

Good to know - thanks!