Improve Generate Data Model Performance

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If you have not spent anytime in the command line tools section of the help, spend 15 minutes to review it… We continue to add a bunch of scripting abilities every release for routine pain points - especially migration oriented

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@aidacra was nice enough to put together a pretty awesome how-to regarding command line data model regen. Thanks Nathan!

(Simon Hall) #24

I believe it is touched on in the System Admin manual as well. It also mentions about adding tables to the schema, which is something I have not even considered, I’ve always worked within the boundaries of what’s there.

(Bart Elia) #25

We need that functionality for Partners to add tables as a part of their efforts. Even our own CSF teams needs to add new tables so the need is there though usually geared to higher level integration’s.

(Simon Hall) #26

How do upgrades cope with such tables?

(Bart Elia) #27

Migration does not touch custom tables.
The inclusion of the custom tables into the data model is optional. The data model regen walks thru all tables in a db schema. There is a schema to include - Ice, Erp - and an exclude for tables -

<!–Comma delimited list of additional schemas to include. By default only standard schemas are included.–>
<!–Comma delimited list of tables to exclude from the data model.–> <TablesToExclude>