How to set a customization to be used if it is NOT a customization of a main menu item

(Mike Abell) #1

I have made a customization to a dialog box that pops up on the QTY adjustment menu selection (specifically the LOT attribute dialog box) but I cannot figure out how to “enable” it once I save it. I cannot see this dialog box in menu maintenance in order to set the customization I created on it. I may just be missing something but how is this done?

(Chris Conn) #2

Typically, you would just save the customization name EXACTLY the same as the parent customization that calls it. If that doesnt work, you should be able to use process calling maintenance.

(Mike Abell) #3

AHHHH, that may be it. I did NOT have a customization on the base menu item Qty Adjustment, only on the Lot Attribute dialog box that pops up with in it. I’ll save a customization with the same name on the base Qty Adjustment menu and see if that does it. Thanks for the info…

(Joshua Giese) #4

If you are in customization mode and the lot box pops up do you get a process call alert window before the customization selection. If so you will need to create a menu item under the process tree in menu maint and then in process calling maint set the qty adjust screen as the caller, and your new menu in the process tree as the called form. That will call lot attributes with your applied customization. That will likely be the case unless I’m not understanding your request. @Chris_Conn’s solution works for screens like Customer Contact Entry where it’s really Customer Entry called with a different flag

(Mike Abell) #5

Joshua, thanks, yes, it does show a process call alert before it pops up so I will try your method and see if I can figure it out. Thanks…