How to find out our Epicor server's REST web address?

(Scott Mason) #1

I would like to find out how to use REST services from a webpage but I don’t know our server’s REST address or if it’s even setup. Some helpful posters have noted that you can use REST services like so:

But I think I need help understanding how Epicor & IIS work together before I can get to that point.

  1. How do I find this out or how do I configure it? Is there a URL I can type to check this? How do we know if it’s even setup? Do we need to have a DNS record on our Windows Domain that points the name to the internal IP of the E10 server?

I go to my server name http://xxxx-epicor10/ in a browser and it shows a default IIS server homepage. Does this mean it’s already setup?

  1. YourEpicorInstance What does this look like? Is this LIVE, PILOT, TEST, TRAIN? For instance, what does an example URL look like that points to the TEST slot?

(Aaron Moreng) #2

The first part of understanding this would be to look at your IIS for the server you are going after.
The “xxx-epicor10” segment of the URL is the server itself. So in my case, my server would be DEV01.
My Epicor instance in this case is Epicor10DEV. You can of course have multiple Epicor instances on the same IIS server.
After you’ve defined those elements in your URL, the rest is just pointing to the API endpoints

(Scott Mason) #3

So here’s our IIS:

So an example URL would be like this? https://xxx-epicor10/E10Train/api/v1/Ice.BO.UserFileSvc/ValidatePassword

But it looks like hte API folder doesn’t exist at the top level?

(Aaron Moreng) #4

Exactly, assuming your server name is correct. Keep in mind you will need to pass some sort of authentication. If you use a REST client it will work better than trying to do this all from a browser.

(Scott Mason) #5

What is a REST client?
Are there any suggested to use for Epicor10?

(Aaron Moreng) #6

a REST client is just an interface to send an REST API call to a URL and receive back a response. I use Postman or the chrome add-on Yet Another Rest Client but it really doesn’t matter

(Mark Wonsil) #7

And Excel…

(Alejandro Cortes) #8

I created a real time Dashboard using Javascript and Ajax, We have several metrics displaying on a website, 1 at a time, it is like a slide show that refreshes every 5 minutes or so.

And Also I have created some tools with Excel and OData