How do radio buttons work?

(John Kane) #1

I have tried looking in manuals and online and have not really found an answer yet. So, how do they work?

I am specifically asking for use on a Dashboard Tracker view. I know that you need to create a Group Box and put the radio buttons in them. Once you do that, you will only be able to select one. But what I can’t figure out how to assign values to the buttons. Let’s say you have a field with only 3 selections. I know you could just put them in a drop down and have that, but I really want to know how to do it with radio buttons (because I can’t get it to work). I can add three buttons but selecting them does nothing to the dashboard results.

Can anyone provide me with a brief tutorial?

(Brandon Anderson) #2

You set this field. All of the radio buttons get the same epibinding and you put different text in this field.

EDIT: And after some testing, I don’t know if it will work in a dashboard tracker… I’ve used them in customizations before, but not in a tracker on a dashboard.

(John Kane) #3

@Banderson Thank you very much!

I do have another question, how do you get the below to show?

(Brandon Anderson) #4

I don’t know, it’s just there… Not all of the fields have stuff in it. This one happens to.

(Brandon Anderson) #5

Ok, For a dashboard tracker you don’t use the epibinding. You use the Query column. Make sure enabled and IsTrackerQueryControl are set to true, and then you can pick a column. Give that shot and let me know if it works.

(John Kane) #6

Didn’t work for me. Here is a screen shot of the set-up.


(Brandon Anderson) #7

So you have all 3 set up, and you refresh after you change the radio button? I’ll go farther through the testing and see if it works for me.

(John Kane) #8

I had already jumped to another dashboard so I tried it with a field that only had 2 options, but I set up both of them and selected each radio button and refreshed. I’m going to play around with it some more and will let you know.

(John Kane) #9

I threw a trace on. Look what is being passed, it’s weird.

 <parameter name="executionParams" type="QueryExecutionDataSet">
      <QueryExecutionDataSet xmlns="">
          <Value>(PORel_JobSeqType = N'epiRadioButton2') AND (PORel_JobSeqType = N'epiRadioButton1')</Value>

(Brandon Anderson) #10

yeah, for me, after I save the dashboard and re-open it, the text value won’t stay. It clears it out for some reason.

(Brandon Anderson) #11

I think I’m about stuck. I don’t know if it’s going to work for a dashboard tracker value. Maybe that’s why people don’t use them much…

(John Kane) #12


(Simon Hall) #13

Would I hazard to guess that the reason is that this is shown because you have the SDK?

I’ve never seen it

This is what I get when I am in developer mode


(Brandon Anderson) #14

We do not have an SDK license. If we did, I wouldn’t even know how to use it!

(Simon Hall) #15

Maybe it’s a 10.2.200 thing? We are on 10.1.600, and a demo 10.2.100 environment I get the same thing.