Help using Phantom Packs to get multiple labels

(Dave Olender) #1

We would like to ship a single line on a pack slip for a quantity of 100. We will be packing those 100 parts in 2 boxes one box has 60 parts and the second box has 40 parts.

We would like to print 2 labels (one for each box) and show the quantity packed in the box i.e. 60 and 40.

I thought I could do this with Phantom Pack - however, I cant seem to make that screen active. I closed the PackSlip but I cant figure out how to enable the Phantom Pack screen.

Am I going about this the wrong way? is there some other mechanism I should be using.

thanks for any help on this seemingly simple request.


(Bryan DeRuvo) #2


The pack has to be closed before the phantom options are available.

(Dave Olender) #3

Mr. Bryan: I did close the Pack - but I still cannot get the Phantom screen to enable.

Is there a licensing issue? do I need to be attached to an Epicor “Workstation”? do I need to have Manifest Licensed?


(Bryan DeRuvo) #4

I was going to ask about the config.

Definitely need to connected to a workstation. Do they use Manifest?

(Dave Olender) #5

Mr. Bryan: No they do NOT have Manifest

(Bryan DeRuvo) #6

I can’t say it won’t work, but I’ve never tried to use phantoms without Manifest and a connected workstation.

(Monty Wilson) #7

Wouldn’t this be even easier with a second release?

(Dave Olender) #8

Mr. Monty: Interesting - so are you saying create two separate Pack Slip Lines?

(Monty Wilson) #9

Yes, a packer line references O/L/R order, line and release.

(Dave Olender) #10

Mr. Monty: Are you suggesting that our SHIPPING people go into the Sales Order to Add Releases just for the purpose of printing a pack slip label?


(Monty Wilson) #11

Ah, not the best solution if the inside sales folks were unaware of the pack-out situation. You want a solution that properly documents the packing and overpacking, not just for making a label but for recording how the goods went out. So maybe an additional sales release is not appropriate here. Thanks, …Monty.

(Pierre Hogue) #12

Could you do two pack slips ? One for 40 and another for the remaining “backorder” of 60 ? It is a bit overkill but should work.

In our company, we introduced the notion of packages since the beginning. (each part has #units, weight and volume per package) This change needed gazillions of customizations but was worth it. I wished Epicor introduce such notion in a future release !