Help creating a message pop up on sales order when an item's selling quantity is larger than what is in inventory


(Shawn Hobdy) #21

It uses ChangeSellingQtyMaster.

Does it work for that?

(Shawn Hobdy) #22


Nevermind, I found the last glitch in it.

On the ttOrderDtl, I did a table criteria: SellingQuantity >= PartWhse.OnHandQty, I changed to > only, not >=.

I started testing and it looks like it worked OK.

Thank you for all your help, I think I learned something for this.

(Brandon Anderson) #23

Great! Learning something new is always handy.

Now if you want to handle the different warehouses, you can chain the conditions together, or add more conditions to the same widget and test for each of your warehouses. Or filter the ware houses to remove anything with qty 0.