Heads up - SSRS changes to MICR checks

(Leon Feder) #1

This is a public service, I guess. I’m just passing along something that I learned.

We are making some minor changes to the layout of the MICR check and struggled getting it to “take”. What that meant is that when we went to Process Payments, the modified SSRS didn’t appear as a selectable Report Style.

What we did is we copied the Report Style and renamed it "SGC MICR Check”. SGC is an acronym for our firm and our site standards say to prefix every customization of ours with that.

Apparently there’s hard-coding that says the first 4 characters of the Report Style must say MICR. (I’m assuming it’s the first 4 characters but it could be more). When we used the standard copy, which simply appends the text “- copy” to it, the Report Style appeared as an option for us. MICR checks are an industry extension and I guess there was hard-coding for how to select the Report Style.

There’s no documentation on this anywhere that I looked. I think a note is necessary in the documentation that says it will only list styles that begin with those 4 letters. But until then, maybe someone else that is trying to do the same thing will look here and see how we solved it.