Has anyone looked at the Route Planning vertical in Demo

(Simon Hall) #1

Just wondering if anyone has looked at the Route Planning Distribution Vertical in the Demo database?


(Andris Skulte) #2


Do we need a Distribution License to see that? I checked our new Epicor Education database, and we don’t have that menu item. Our shipping department would love to see what Load Planning is about too.

(Simon Hall) #3

I would not have thought so, well apart from the (FWB) one as that is a mod to Fulfillment workbench. As I understand it they are under the System Management folder so you should see them. The other thing you may be able to do is look at the customizations through Customization/Personalization management on your demo environment. I see that there are two UD tables that have a route customization, customer entry and Cust ship (which I don’t think you will see).

The other thing is that it may have been depreciated out of the 10.2 DB. I don’t have a 10.2 install so I can’t tell. They have been in education databases for a long time now. I know I used some examples out of the Epicor 9 one for Time and Expense a long time ago now.