Grant Access to A Dashbaord


(Jay Schwausch) #1

I have been asked to grant access to a user for a single dashboard - NOT all dashboards.
User name = JaneDoe
Dashboard = QuotesOpenBySlsprsn

Can this be done via Customization / Personalization Maintenance for JaneDoe?

If so, what would the complete FormID indentification (path) be?
i.e. App.Dashboard.QuotesOpenBySlsprsn

(Mark Wonsil) #2

Maybe better, you can assign security to the underlying BAQ.

(Jay Schwausch) #3


Thank you so much for responding!

A. Will the Security ID pass thru to the Dashboard?
B. If it does, will that enable JaneDoe to see the Dashboard even though she does not currently have access to Dashboards?

(Brandon Anderson) #4

Why aren’t you doing this with menu maintenance?

(Mark Wonsil) #5

A. Yes.
B. @Banderson is correct. You’d create a menu item with a security group that one JaneDoe is in. That controls Menu access. You can put it in any folder of the menu tree and only people in that group would see it.

(Jay Schwausch) #6


Thank you so much for responding.

I don’t currently have access to Menu Maintenance.
(Originally I didn’t even have access to Dashboards.)

I am the “new kid on the block” at my company - now here a little over 6 months.
But because of my history of helping previous employers with implementation, maintenance, and employee training, I have been assigned as the Epicor “Expert” in house.

Please advise… If I do get access to menu maintenance, would that allow me to grant access to a single dashboard to a single user?

(Brandon Anderson) #7

Yes. That’s the right way to deploy dashboards, as it doesn’t give them access to other dashboards. You deploy it as a menu item and then control access like every other menu in the system.

(Jay Schwausch) #8

Mark / Brandon,

Thank you both for your input.
You have been very helpful.