Goods Posting at incorrect Currency value

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Hello. We are trying to undo a massive accounting mess from our implementation of E10.

We purchase stock in USD - which should convert to our currency (AUD) as it comes in through the Landed Costs Container Receipt. The currency conversion Is correct in the PO, and appears to flow through to the Landed Costs Container Entry, but then upon going into the Container Recipt it is reverting back to the USD amount - which the system then receipts as the incorrect AUD amount.

After that when the Invoice is posted the diff is not going against the Stock - it is flushing to an COS Adjustment account.

How can I fix this?


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OK - Working on the anomaly here.

It appears that if we lock the Exchange Rate in the PO - it will ho0ld throughout the process. I cannot see why this is the case - surely given that our Exchange Rate table is setup with the correct Exchange Rates it should function correctly? There should be no reason that $1USD = $1AUD… unless there some other table I need to update???

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Anyone got any clues for me?

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Further more - my stock avge cost is increasing around 7 days before new stock is receipted in to the system.

Does the creation of a container affect avge cost value in any way shape or form?

Where can I go in the system to find out how my chart is behaving?

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Just trying top get this back to the top of the pile… Anyone got any ideas??

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Hi All,

have seen there’s been 52 views - but as yet no assistance. Does anyone have a clue at all as to how we can adjust the behaviour of the Container Goods Recieipt so it picks up the right currency?

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HI All,

Just another plea to see if anyone can explain the workings of the Container Receipt entry and why it only lodges in FC not LC?

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Anybody? Bueller? Bueller?

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Worse yet - the Landed Costs are being added in the cargo receipt and then being reversed out to a variance account upon receipt.

Anyone got any ideas???