Generate and New PO Suggestions Quantity Recommendation

(Eric Peters) #1

Good Afternoon,

Been working with Epicor ERP for a little over a year and slowly learning module to module. We are working on a project to enter tooling into the system and have all the data entered, along with tooling on the BOM. We created a new UOM for tools that allows decimals with rounding. It seems to be working fine using Qty per and shows up on Time Phase with a correct demand. However, New PO Suggs recommends that we purchase 1 each for every job we have scheduled and does not take into account jobs that may run back to back on the same resource. Is this the expected behavior of PO Suggs or is there a way to have the partials considered without all the manual work looking through Time Phase for every tool. There are many tools and this can be cumbersome. Thanks in advance.


(Monty Wilson) #2

Dear Eric,

Have you considered making the tooling items zero quantity on the BOM?

Or maybe zero-cost and/or non-nettable with min/max quantities of zero?


(Eric Peters) #3

Thanks Monty. Well, we are trying to capture usage for a better method of replenishment. We are currently using an outside application to manage that simply uses min/max and our tool costs increased significantly over the past couple of months and we are trying to get some data around why.


(Nancy Hoyt) #4

Hi Eric,

We have not done this ourselves, but since you mention that you want tooling to take into account jobs that are being run back to back, and it appears that your tooling is not actually “consumed” on a job, it seems like this might be more of an application of a resource instead of a material in a method. Have you considered making the tooling a scheduled resource? Group like / interchangeable tools under resource groups.
Just a thought…

(Eric Peters) #5

Thanks Nancy. Our tooling is actually consumed, for example, drill bits. While we need 1 for each machine/job, that drill bit may last 5 jobs run back to back. Many of our tools fall under this category. So the challenge is knowing that while I may have 10 existing jobs, 8 of those jobs may be running on 2 machines 4x4, thus needing 4 drill bits to fulfill instead of 10. Our raw material is measured in inches and lbs, so we do not run into this issue. We’ve considered the route of resources, but that does not help with replenishment.

I guess what I am really wondering is if there is a setting I am missing that takes the schedule into account and back to back jobs rather than just thinking that each job needs 1 new tool.

(Cindy Ford) #6

set the Days of Supply to a number of days you want your suggestion to consolidate your demand. 10 will consolidate 10 days of supply, 20 will consolidate 20 days of supply, and so on