Financial Report Designer - Full Year Budget column

(Kristine Fierce) #1

We have loaded our budget into Epicor and are hoping to be able to use FRD to do some reporting. Does anyone know if there is a way to do add a column to show Full Year Budget for specific periods (run report for 2018 period 3?

We are looking to do two reports where one shows actual to budget by Period, Year To date and then Full Year Budget. Second report would show Period actual to budget, variance, YTD actual and budget, variance. We would like to add column for Remaining Year Budget and Projection (YTD Acutal + Remaining Year Budget)

(Dora Chavarria) #2

On the Columns Detail enter 12 on number of periods

(Kristine Fierce) #3

Thank you. We decided to create what we need with another outside tool.