[ Experts Corner Request ] Field Security vs Extended Properties

(Theodore Koch) #21

It won’t error out, if that user doesn’t have access to the field, the data for that specific field will show up blank in the results.

(Haso Keric) #22

We want to show the Data, just not have it be editable by the User… But we want it to be editable by the Coder via Customizations / BPMs. So if the User is running a BPM or even a BAQ via Code, we need to see the data if we have to do something with it =) Thats where I dont understand Field Security and its broad cause / effect.

(Kristine Fierce) #23

Thank you. The problem we are running into is that our UI is not showing existing field security set in one of our prior versions. I need to figure out why that is. They are visible in the DB table but not in the UI. Our current version is