ERP Analyser

(Prasath Manimaran) #1


We are in process of upgrading our epicor from E10.1.4.8 to E10.2(latest version)…
Is there any advantage of using ERP ANALYSER tool if so what does it do…
If somebody can shed light on this it will be really helpful.

(Greg Celentano) #2

Yes. We were rolling our own solution and found items that we missed. Its been very helpful. I was actually really shocked how well it worked.,

And we are in a similar position as you going from 10.1.400.9 to 10.2.

(Prasath Manimaran) #3

HI Greg,

Many thanks for your reply.

Can you please exactly say what items found when using erp analyser??

If you can elaborate more it will be really helpful.


(Andris Skulte) #4

Prasath - It combs through your uploaded database, and lists every single customization - BPM, BAQ, Dashboard, UI change, etc… We’re using this to validate each customization works correctly during our 10.2 testing. I love it…

One enhancement would be to have it add a comments / description column when it exists.

(Prasath Manimaran) #5

Thanks a lot for your reply andris…

(Patricio Montes) #6

I’ve been working with it for an upgrade from E9 to E10.2.200 and I can tell you it’s a very good tool to use.

It will show you all the Database details separated into tabs such as:
*Database details: users, db size, etc
*Which modules are included the license.
Also, by company you can see the users and some statistics.

Then you’ll get to the fun part: the CUSTOM tab!
Here you will find all the customisations of the database listed: Reports, RDDs, ReportStyles, UIs, Dashboards, BPMs, with their IDs, code if ABL or else, etc…

The cool part is that you can EXPORT this file and use it. (button on your upper right side)
This is all result of the Analyser.

After converting the DB, In the CONVERSIONS tab on your left you will see all the details of the DB conversion process with duration and if there were errors and fixes and just next to it, a “RECONCILIATION” tab.

This is very cool, because this tool compares some key reports (financial and non financial) so you can see if data was corrupted and needs to be fixed. or as you know… some report that could be working now in E10 while in previous version didn’t.

Also, when launching the analyser you can add DocLink/DocStar to the analysis if you like.

Dive in and you’ll find it very useful. Have fun!

(Greg Celentano) #7

What everyone else is saying is spot on. The BPM and Dashboard listing has proved the most helpful for one place to know what we have, where it is, and let us decide do we need it.

(Andris Skulte) #8

Patricio - We noticed that the reconciliation tab is missing anything to do with inventory, so those still need to be manually verified with a before and after. Accurate inventory value is kind of important to us.

(Patricio Montes) #9

Normally you have the Stock Status reports by Cost and by Qty on Hand, but that’s about it I think.
When doing our upgrade we made sure to get our own key reports before and after (way more than the ones offered in the reconciliation tool).
A good thing would be to ask Epicor to include reports you think are needed, for the future.