epiLabel coloring

(Chris Simpson) #1

Hello everyone,

Something simple but frustrating. I wanted to add some colored labels into my customized tracker view in a dashboard which explains what the colors mean when they show on rows defined within my View Rules. Very basic. Added an epiLabel, set UseAppStyling to false, set my BackColor and ForeColor. All looks great until I test or deploy. The colors disappear and the BackColor goes to Gray… Do the values need to be set in the script editor? If so, do any of you have a VB example of how to?

Epicor 9.05.702A by the way.

Thank you,

(Jason Woods) #2

Take a look here:

(Chris Simpson) #3

This helped somewhat but I get errors after I add the epiShape1.Status = 1 to the script editor. This is when I test the dashboard.

--------compile errors------------
Error: BC30456 - line 60 (59) - ‘epiShape1’ is not a member of ‘Epicor.Mfg.UI.App.Capacity_MfgTest.V_GCB_CapacityMfgTest_1ViewDetailPanel1’.

Constructor on type ‘TestNameSpace.V_GCB_CapacityMfgTest_1ViewDetailPanel1CodeBehind’ not found.