Epicor Session Manager

(Karen) #1

What is the window Epicor Session Manager? It isn’t always open and most of the times that I do see it open, there’s something unusual going on.

Today a user was having problems with Epicor screens being ‘frozen’. She couldn’t click in a field on either screen she had open. When I alt-tabbed through the open windows (I was looking to see if there was a search open), I saw Epicor Session Manager. I clicked to close it and the user was able to do what she wanted. This Session Manager keeps coming back though.

Is it an indication of a problem?

(Bart Elia) #2

Session Manager or System Monitor depending on your preferred name is a client process that spins up when the app stands up. It is controlled by a setting in the clients sysconfig. Example:

Basically it’s a listener to server activity that does whatever it is asked to do. Routinely this is a message pump that is always asking does this client have anything to do?. Example - printing a report attached to the client PC or popping a print preview

(Bart Elia) #3

FYI to find out the docs on it:

(Karen) #4

This is what I’m talking about. It’s not the System Monitor. I use that regularly.

(Nathan your friendly neighborhood Support Engineer) #5

Is the Epicor client on an RDS(terminal server) or is the client on a workstation that only this user has access to?

(Bart Elia) #6

And this is why I try to avoid being too declarative on the client quirks and stay on the wire and back end…

Session Manager IS different than System Monitor. Slide from an Insights Session ion the functionality is below.

Session Manager tracks all existing client instances on a client machine and if Epicor.exe is opened with a “Shortcut” (client Sysconfig with the shortcut section specified), Epicor.exe will communicate with the Session Manager and if a Session that could handle the shortcut is already running, the Session Manager will pass he request to the already running instance and the new Epicor.exe will close.


So that ‘shortcut’ functionality to open pages in context is SESSION MANAGER
To monitor activity and take actions based upon a server activity (pop a report) is SYSTEM MONITOR

My apologies for adding confusion :confused:

(Karen) #7

This is an individual workstation, just a single user has access.

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